Work from Home – The New Normal

Meet the new normal – working from home

For most individuals, home or remote working used to be a luxury. The general expectation from the corporate world was that employees work in the office, not in their home.  A multitude of reasons why this was so – greater employee accountability, monitoring of work, trust, safety… the list goes on. 

How things have changed

The pandemic has forced so many companies to reimage how and where employees work – which for most, is at home.  So, the question is, could organizations benefit from the at home worker and could an employee be connected and productive in their own residence?  The answer is a resounding, “yes”.  Optimal performance is achieved when one is able to create a supportive environment for their work.  

Lille hæve sænkebord ECLIPSE

Here’s the issue… many of us don’t have an optimal or selected space or haven’t thought through what a “supportive environment” really means.  Differentiating your work zone from a personal zone, balancing home activity while work is happening, and defining a designated, focused work time are all considerations when designing the highest-performance environment.  

If we just focus on space, it may be the one most important element that will impact one’s productivity.  So often, the couch or sitting at a kitchen table become our make-shift office.   These types of products were never designed to support long bouts of work nor does it help us psychologically to get into the mindset of shifting our brain from “home to work”.  That said, every home cannot afford the luxury of having a separate space like an extra bedroom, a library to create a specialized home office space.  Many times, we have to optimize our personal area and create that space ourselves.  How can you achieve a designated home office space with the right products if you don’t have the real estate to support this?

Our smart design solution for home

We have the answer with our versatile, height adjustable table ECLIPSE. This mobile, sturdy and flexible table is designed specifically for the worker at home so it is incredibly easy to maneuver and manage. You simply roll ECLIPSE, which is built with ultra-smooth casters, to a quiet destination within your home for an instant pop-up office experience. There are no cords or bulky elements to this desk.  ECLIPSE is built with a state of the art pneumatic “up and down” feature for ultra-smooth height selection.  The best part about Eclipse?  When you are done working for the day, ECLIPSE’s surface compacts so it can be easily stowed away in a closet or a nook.  Work is now out of sight, out of mind.

The 2WorkFromHome brand was established last summer by Danish manufacturer RUFAC who has been designing innovative products for over 50 years for the office furniture industry.  With a deep understanding of the market needs and nimble ability to react, we developed this new product for the niche of the home office sector. Contract-grade, highly functional and durable products are not only for the office but now adopted for our homes.  ECLIPSE has become a bestseller not only in its homeland Denmark but also in all Europe. ECLIPSE’s minimalistic Danish design, free shipping and quick assembling are just a few of the very attractive features that EU buyers find appealing attracts many clients from various EU countries. Additionally, the ECLIPSE desk has become such a popular solution for the pop-up home office in EU that we have expanded our product offering to the US market in February 2021.  

Being able to have a versatile product like the ECLIPSE where you can choose where and how you work – however large or small of a footprint that may be – does allow the user to both mentally and physically transition from “home to office” more easily.  All this leads to increased user satisfaction, focus and, ultimately, productivity.

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