Places where you can work from this summer

Sunny summer is the perfect time to take a vacation and to have a rest. Of course, you can’t have holidays the whole three months as you still need to stay obliged for your work duties.

So if you are still working remotely or in a hybrid way we would like to share some ideas how to change your everyday routine and to work comfortably from inspiring locations. All you need is your laptop, a chair and our height adjustable desk ECLIPSE for ergonomic sitting/standing while you are doing your daily tasks.

Here are some tips how to change your bored work from home spot to a new one:

Your home terrace

If you don’t want to go far away and have a nice terrace at your home, you can easily move your desk together with the stuff there. Fresh air and cool breeze will help you to stay motivated and productive.

Nature / city spot 

Take your height adjustable desk ECLIPSE to your favorite spot in the city or nature. It can be a park, a square or some other shady place for work. If you don’t want to feel lonely, ask your colleagues to join you. No doubt, the live communication will come up with some bright ideas.

Summer house terrace

For several days or longer, you can rent a summer house outside the city. It can be a really relaxing experience to work on the dock by the lake or in a quiet forest. A better concentration and more energy are guaranteed.

We hope that you got some inspiration for remote work locations. Enjoy the summer and work your way!