Work comfortably from your home

An adjustable table for your home office. A fusion of minimalistic Danish design and comfortable functionality. Ergonomic, cordless and possibly the fastest assembling adjustable table in the world! Just try it and you will love it! 


Super easily adjustable with just one click


Cordless functionality provides the ability to work anywhere


Arrives assembled in 3-5 business days and is ready to use in 2 minutes


Enjoy an active workstyle that is fast, flexible and ready to use

Lille hæve sænkebord ECLIPSE

Mobile & Cordless 

ECLIPSE height adjustable table’s cordless functionality allows you to work anywhere at your home. The height adjustable table has four small wheels so it is easy to move the table around. Also after a workday it is easy to fold it and hide away to make more space.

Easily adjustable

ECLIPSE height adjustable table arrives already assembled and ready to use for work in 2 minutes. Also you can quickly change the height of the table or the angle of the desktop for the comfort of your work. Two different paddles allow you easily to do that: to tilt or to adjust the height.

Lille hæve sænkebord ECLIPSE 2


ECLIPSE height adjustable table can be easily fitted in your home interior. You can personalize your height adjustable table by choosing between three different table top colors (black, oak or white) and five different table stand colors (black, bronze, gold, mocca and white). So let’s turn on the creativity!

Probably the fastest,

easiest and most flexible height adjustable table in the world