ECLIPSE adjustable tables are Danish design and built quality that are not only intended for sale to private individuals. If you are a decision maker, who has been assigned to the task of providing relevant ergonomic home office equipment to the staff who are working either temporarily or permanently from home then we got good news for you! We can help you make it an easy and transparent process. Contact us at to find the right solution for you and your organization.

Our B2B solution will help you with the following:

  • Define a suitable product for your staff.
  • Allow the employee to log in and order the table to their private address. We will keep track of deliveries and report back to you on a monthly basis.
  • Provide a seamless delivery of a ready to use table to your employee, who will be grateful to you and your organization for thinking about their wellbeing in their home office.

If your organization doesn’t want to buy the tables, then we can offer a flexible leasing solution (to be available from late 2020), where your cost will be variable and depending on usage. We can offer an additional service to administer your fleet of tables and make it easy and convenient for you to log on as an administer and see how your fleet is doing. will make it a hassle-free experience to finally help your staff be more efficient and get a better work life at home. Contact us today at and get more information! We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.